Thursday, 4 June 2015

Frozen Wendy Houses for Kids

Summer's finally here! Maybe...?? Time to look at play houses.

It's pink, it's plastic, it has pictures of Ana and Elsa on it. What more could your little princess need but a Frozen Play House?

(Or indeed prince? We're not in the business of excluding, certainly not.)

Yes, who would have though that 2 years on, that children would still be insane for Frozen branded merchandise?? Well, they are, and don't we just know it. Our neighbours have called their puppy Elsa. Just the other day I saw a kid walking around dressed in a Disney princess costume, pretty sure it was Elsa. I don't think she had any party or anything to go to, she just liked it! Everything is Frozen! Are we Frozen in time?

NEW: Updated info for 2017!

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UPDATE FOR 2017: We wrote this post two years ago, and the Frozen phase has still not vanished! You would think there would be a greater variety of Frozen themed play houses out there, but no - the one I recommended below is still the best. Reviews of other products have been bad! So, please don't think this info is out of date.

I guess a wendy house is a way of dragging the kids away from the DVD for a few hours and enjoying the outdoors!

Pink and blue Frozen playhouse

Frozen Injusa Playhouse - £170.00*
Eligible for Super Saver free delivery from Amazon

Pink and blue play house with Disney's Frozen themed decals including Elsa, Ana and Olof on the outsides.

Benefits of this wendy house

Outdoor play is a lot more fun when you're not really outdoors. Kids love to use their imaginations in playing house and will love to make up stories with their favourite toys as the lead characters. The Frozen decoration will help encourage them outdoors and give them somewhere to bring their friends and learn co-operative play and sharing, something which is key for this age group of 3-6 years old. It may even be suitable for slightly older depending on their development stage, but I'd take a good look at the dimensions before buying for a bigger kid (see Things to Note below).

Things to note:

  • Recommended age 36 months + From the dimensions I would not recommend for a very big kid.
  • Adult supervision recommended. I guess fingers could get pinched, heads stuck in things etc...
  • Injusa are a Spanish manufacturer of such things as kid's ride on toys, pedal cars and the like.
  • Weight is 15 Kg and sizing is 110 x 87.5 x 25.5 cm
  • Pack size is 110 x 27 x 87.5 according to manufacturer's brochure
  • Eligible for free UK delivery with Amazon

The downside will no doubt be having to go out and collect all the toys / dolls / books that have been left in it, but it might be a small price to pay for knowing exactly where everything (and everyone) will be. Hopefully the weather will provide a few breaks because it has been atrocious this year. I say look forward, not back! Good luck!

*All prices are accurate at time of posting and don't include any special discounts that you may be able to apply for extra savings.


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