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Insanely Awesome Hobbit Inspired Wendy House

Hobbit Hidey Hole - a magical play den for your own garden!

A quirky wendy house that made us sit up and pay attention! Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, this wooden playhouse with circular door motif will thrill any little one looking for less of a wendy house, more of a mini home extension! The difficulty may be getting the kids indoors again... I can imagine even the older kids wanting to camp out in this beauty.

Hobbit Hidey Hole Playhouse Garden Den

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This substantial, shed-like creation could only be one thing - a lucky kid's own hobbit hole to play Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit! It's pretty, durable - made in Britain of British materials - and unique. Of course it's an outdoors only playhouse, at least that's unless you have some incredible plans for your children's bedrooms!

Hobbit Hideyhole - check it out on Etsy

It's big enough even for bigger kids to get into. Construction is simple - most of the panels and fittings are pre-assembled and it comes as a kit with full instructions and only simple tools required. Some waterproof membrane and turf could even turn it into a proper Hobbiton habitat by growing grass right over the roof - but do so at your own risk! You would need to make sure it was well done so that the structure could take the weight and possible damp. Artificial turf might be a trick to get a similar effect without the risks.

Will this suit my child?

It's a big investment and you want to be sure of your wee one's interest. I suppose you could ask yourself the following questions: is your child more interested in video gaming with friends? Do they have an interest in or aversion to being outdoors? Are they scared of creepy-crawleys and might imagine them invading the space? Do they enjoy Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies? Do they have a strong imagination and enjoy story-telling games? Would they be proud to show it to their friends? You could, also, ask your child if they want one (unless it is a surprise). If their reaction is a bit subdued, then maybe not!

Perhaps even with all of the above considered, you hope to encourage them outside more often? Here are a few ideas to help cement the habit of going out. Rather than just plonk the playhouse down and hope for the best, you could try some special play activities with treats and toys organised around the hobbit hole to help with this. Ideas include:

  • themed play parties with their friends,
  • dressing up games and costumes,
  • magic and Lord of the Rings themed toys that "live" inside the garden den,
  • structuring some of their play time as an "outdoors" portion - even if they protest the first few times, they'll soon get used to it,
  • sleepovers in the playhouse for bigger kids - please ensure you have a safe neighbourhood and an enclosed garden for this!

Things to note:

  • Dimensions: A whopping 145cm high x 230cm wide x 180cm deep
  • In the payment policies, it seems to give conflicting info on payment, suggesting cards are accepted but then says "Paypal only". Worth sending a quick query to the seller about this.
  • UK only delivery from Manchester.
  • Will take 6-8 weeks to ship. It is a handmade and quite large item, after all.
  • As always, make sure you have measured out the space you would need to construct this beast before purchase.
  • There is no recommended age on this wendy house, so you will need to use some common sense- is your kid big enough to handle the big door on their own? Are they liable to trap their fingers if it slammed shut in the wind?

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