Friday, 12 June 2015

Playhouses on stilts - castles in the air

Want to give your kids a treehouse, but don't have a tree?

Maybe your yard space is limited. Maybe you've planted a tree but your children will be grown up and gone by the time it's big enough to support a tree house. Or maybe you just don't have any time for a garden and your other half prefers it paved anyway.

Either way, there's something missing here. An easy solution to your problem could be this - a tower playhouse. Essentially it's a wendy house on stilts, giving the kids a bastion to repel the invaders, learn about the effects on gravity as they pour buckets of water on each other and the dog, and a wistful retreat where they can dream big.

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We scanned the available offerings on Amazon as always and found a massive range in prices - some were over £1000. Love the kids, but wow... But the following one looked actually very reasonable for the price. It's been left more or less a blank canvas. All the better to stamp your kids mark on it with their favourite colour paint!

7ft x 5ft Wooden Poppy Tower Playhouse - Brand New 7x5 Wood Cottage Playhouses

Standing a cool 2.62 metres high (about 8ft 6 in old money) this tower playhouse is made out of dip-treated pine that has a 10 year anti-rot guarantee so save the details somewhere safe. The cabin part is about 1.5 metres high. The only catch (ha!) is that the door apparently does not come with a catch but those handy enough with a hammer will find it no biggie. If you're brave enough to put this together in the first place, you will be okay.

Things to note:

  • It's a kit house, flatpacked, with instructions
  • You might need some help with someone to hold things upright while you put them together etc
  • You'll need about 2 by 2.5 metres space for its footprint
  • Think about the levelness of the ground you're planning on using and whether or not you have enough space to layout all the bits during construction
  • Think about what kids would fall onto if they decided to climb up stuff - spiked railings? Soft grass? Limit their playtime injuries with a little forward thinking - see the link below for some rubber safety matting ideas
  • It has safety features like a gap around the door to prevent trapped fingers and styrene (a type of plastic derived from benzenes like polystyrene) windows
  • £14.99 delivery cost and available throughout UK except offshore islands

If you want to go the whole hog, you can get the same one but with a slide, which looks amazing! Costs a wee bit more, of course.

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Have fun storming the castle!

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