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Car Themed Play Tents Reviewed

Feel The Need, The Need for Fun!

I amuse myself far too much with these blogs. My little collection today is of Car Themed Play Tents. Cars are a fascinating thing that many of us take for granted. While a child sees this machine of great potential that could probably ride along the walls, most of us only see an ageing Citroen with a painful insurance policy.

With these wonderful tents your little one can go on an adventure across the world. Which is a great opportunity to teach them geography. Just bust out a map of the world, or get google maps up on your phone and tell them about where they are driving and what sort of awesome things they can see.

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VW Campervan Pop-Up Garden Play Tent

All my life I've wanted a Volkswagen Campervan! Sadly the opportunity hasn't arisen yet as more pressing matters compete for my attention like so many mewling cats. However if you're like me and can't afford a real hippie van then you can settle for the next best thing, a Volkswagen Pop-Up Tent! Well, third best thing...

This is so adorable and is an officially licensed Volkswagen product so it is built to good standards, has plenty of 5 star reviews (33/50 as I'm writing this), and pops up in seconds!

The seller says it is great for both indoors and out and goes so far to use actual photographs (which has been strangely difficult for some of my other blog posts).

Much like the original VW Transporter it comes in a variety of colours; Pink, Blue, and Red from what I can find on Amazon. Personally I would have loved a purple one but I doubt I could fit in it nevermind drive it across the country!

The only issue I can see with it is that it has to fold back into a circle to fit in its wheel case (so cute!) which can be a hassle if you don't know the knack. If you've ever owned a pop up tent you probably know the struggle!
  • + Great quality
  • + Quick to put up
  • + Good variety of popular colours
  • + Large enough for multiple children
  • - Difficult to put away
  • - Unknown UV protection

Disney Cars Mack Truck Feature Tent

I'm not going to lie, I actually enjoyed Cars way more than I should have. Mack is a perfect addition to any little fan's collection and is actually larger than it looks at 70 x 118 x 47 cm. That's more than a metre long!

It is sold by Disney but some reviews have said the material isn't all that resilient so be aware that this may be a great present but may not last the full year if you have a little speed demon! Reviews do however say that little ones love it and that it is perfect for everything from toy storage to nap spaces for toddlers.

On top of the already massive play tent, a play mat with a map of Radiator Springs has been included so your little ones can race around and create their own Cars story!

  • + Very long
  • + Great theme
  • + Lots of positive reviews
  • - Not very durable

I mentioned this in my castle play tent post but it bears mentioning again;

"wherever his imagination takes him."

What possible reason is there to gate an iconic Disney character just because that character is male? This kind of needless gendered advertising means that so many little girls end up pigeonholed into pink and flowery even if they are sporty, car loving kids! Would it hurt to say "wherever their imagination takes them"?

Childrens Pop Up Play Tent Designed like a Car Garage

This one looks like a great addition to any little car fanatic's playroom. Having their own car and garage allows them imagine every aspect of their world from driving through harsh landscapes to fixing their garage full of toy cars after a collision! With the inclusion of custom printed flooring with roads and lights they have so much that fuel their imagination.

I can't imagine this being large enough for multiple children at only 90 x 90 x 90 cm but measurements with these things can be tricky. Perhaps sneakily measure your little one(s) and see if they will fit!

  • + Great for imagination
  • + Folds tightly away
  • + Easily assembled
I will be talking about this products advertising in a blog post on its own in the same way a teacher might say "see me after class!"

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