Sunday, 12 March 2017

Outdoor Adventures - Dens and Games

Indiana Jones and The Back Garden of Doom!

With the rain going back to Spain its time for us to reclaim the back garden, get the patio swept, and get back outside. And what does outside mean to the little ones? Dens! So to make their den building funner (and safer!) I've looked around and found a couple of kits and games that should prove a hit!

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Mega Den Kit

With a good looking kit like this you can ensure that your little ones grow up with a love of the outdoors. This mega den kit looks very authentic and definitely water proof meaning hours of fun playing soldiers or a first foray into rough camping. As with any night activity, make sure they have a safe environment and ensure you are allowed to put a tarp up if you plan on using any nearby wooded areas as new laws are in place.

A camouflage tarp like this one will really go down well with any little soldiers. It also includes a 3 in 1 whistle (though not quite sure what that is), a compass, adventure mug, and camping pegs + wooden mallet. Great for kids as young as 4 and as old as 85 according to some reviews!

  • Durable
  • Great quality, 59 five star reviews at time of writing!
  • Good for getting children used to insects!
  • Tough bag for easy carrying
  • No age limit!

  • Buy the Mega Den Kit today!

    Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit Inspired By Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

    This little kit is a great tool for the imagination and for promoting an interest in science. The kit is mostly centred around the binoculars which boast "superior image clarity", couple this with the hat and backpack and your little one will be ready for expedition. The kit also comes with a magnifying glass, a metal compass, a plastic storage jar, and a dinosaur excavation kit!

    A kit like this is perfect for getting young children interested in insects, dinosaurs, plants, and all manner of natural sciences. Encourage them to write down their findings for rewards and they won't even realise they're learning!

    • Great for teaching biology
    • All fits within 1 bag, great for trips out
    • Hat is one size fits all so may not fit every head
    • Dinosaur kit is single use, once excavated you need to buy another.
    • Kit only includes one specimen jar

    My only concern is that there are no reviews for it yet but that does also mean there are no complaints.

    GOFINDIT - Nature Treasure Hunt

    Inspired by the idea of "sneak-teaching" I had a look around for other educational toys and stumbled on this great little addition to the kit above! GoFindIt is a deck of cards with descriptive words like Furry, Slimy, Bendy, and with little pictures to help younger ones. The game comes with a few different ways of playing including; "treasure" hunting where kids try to find 5 things that fit their cards, or a more difficult version where they have to find 1 thing that fits 3 cards!

    Looking at the reviews this seems like a great game on its own that could get little ones so interested in the beautiful word around them. It is also so small that it can easily be put in a jacket pocket for days out at the park. Just remember to make sure the environment you are searching in is safe and clear of dangerous waste and that little ones don't pick up anything that could be dangerous!

    It is sold by The Sensory Trust who say that all profits from sales go towards making outdoor spaces accessible for all

    • Fun and educational
    • Compact
    • Great for VISUAL LEARNERS
    • Profits go to charity!

    Scotland Camping Laws Are Changing

    Many people are unaware that Scottish camping laws are changing and that the "Freedom of Scotland Act" that we love so much is changing. Large areas around Loch Lomond and the Trossachs are banning wild camping (including tarps). So remember to read up on the area you live in and make sure that setting up a tarp or den isn't against any loony laws! More Information Here!

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