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Plastic Fantastic Wendy Houses - discussing their benefits to you!

A quick list of the cutest plastic wendy playhouses

Sometimes a great big wooden wendy house is just more time and money than you've got and cardboard box style playhouses won't do for your kids. So that's where plastic wendy houses come in. They're cheap, colourful, usually playfully shaped and easy to assemble and sometimes incorporate your children's' favourite characters and themes to boot.

I'm going to look at several of the top seller wendy houses on Amazon and reveal their good and bad points, discuss the benefits of plastic wendy houses and why your kids might just love them more than you thought.

(Affiliate linking in this post - what does this mean?) All descriptions accurate at time of writing. Please always check with the manufacturer if in doubt.

Starplast 109cm High Playhouse

With a 4* average after over 100 reviews, this is a solid performer. Age range is from 10 months (manufacturer's recommended minimum) to about 5 years before size gets too small. Please note: Maximum user weight is 30kg. Window, swinging front door and back gate. 102 x 90 x 109 cm. Plastic seems a bit flimsy (the price you pay for lightness and moulded shapes, I guess) and probably wouldn't survive the elements if left out all winter, or in bad weather according to user feedback. So probably wouldn't suit a rough-and-tumble tot. Plastic screws to put it all together. Cute and not really gender specific, probably why it is a popular playhouse.

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Mookie Large Playhouse

Dimensions for this larger plastic wendy house are 130cm x 111cm x 115cm. Lots of opening doors and windows. Decorated with stickers and has a saloon style front door. Not really gender specific unless you count the flowers and fairies stickers on the front and sides. I guess you could leave off these stickers to make it a bit less girly. Be warned that though it is large, it is not necessarily the sturdiest wendy house on the market and might need some smoothing down to prevent scratches from plastic edges.

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Little Tikes Country Cottage Evergreen

Play kitchen and phone included. 56 x 129.5 x 130.5 cm. Door and 4 shuttered windows. Seems to be fairly sturdy and the user feedback was good. A bit smaller than the others and much more expensive, so maybe a trade off between price and quality to decide on. Manufacturer recommended age is 2-6 years.

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KETER Garden Outdoor Fun Indoor Kids Wonderfold Childrens Folding Playhouse

111cm (Height), 102 cm (Width), 90cm (Depth). Keter are a well-known brand for garden sheds and tool chests, so their plastic quality is probably better than most. Reviews all gush about how convenient it is to use as the roof becomes a box into which you can fold all the bits and pieces to store flat, or even take on holiday! No floor in it, but pegs to help secure it to the ground if outside. Big enough to fit a few toddlers in, probably two under-fives. Definitely one worth looking at if you need to be able to put the wendy house away.

Buy the KETER Garden Outdoor Fun Indoor Kids Wonderfold Childrens Folding Playhouse today!

Good and bad points about plastic wendy houses

Don't expect them to withstand a hurricane, they would have to be inordinately heavy for that. You will either have to disassemble them or find some shed space when summer is over. Something else to think about is the potential that some of the plastic edges will need to be sanded down as they can have sharp or ragged edges when they come out of the moulds. A plus point is that you can easily wipe them down after they get grimy and they'd be light enough to move about with ease. A big complaint seems to be "more flimsy than I expected". Well, there's always going to be a price / construction quality trade off and you mostly get what you pay for. A second problem is "the door doesn't shut properly" - but that is more than likely a safety feature so your child is not trapped inside but what that translates as is "bangs in the wind because I left it outside and now I've got to get out of bed..."

Your kids, however, will probably love them. They have absolutley no interest in whether or not they'll be a good long term investment, or if they have quality issues - these play dens are instant hits with the little ones. Because they're moulded, they can be more whimsical in shape and style and generally more colourful. So maybe the extra few hundred you were going to spend on a wooden house could be saved? You could probably afford to buy a few more with the leftover cash if they break!

I don't think they're as bad as all that, once you've managed your expectations.

What are your experiences? Please feel free to comment below if you've had a nightmare or a really chuffed with your plastic wendy house.

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