Sunday, 5 March 2017

Spring Time - Time For Trolls!

Outdoor Troll Toys

As Spring time finally rolls around the kids can start playing outside again, peace at last! It also seems Frozen is finally being forgotten in favour of Trolls.

To celebrate I've collected my favourite outdoor Trolls toys to ensure Let It Go never plays again!

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Trolls M14305 Folding Inline Scooter

A cute little inline scooter for your little one that folds away very well, even the handles fold down to make it very easy to take on days out. Sturdy steel and plastic construction with foam grip handles should allow it to withstand even the most adventurous troll! Rear footbrake means they won't wear out their shoes the way we used to. It doesn't come with a helmet but there's a nice Troll themed one at the bottom of this list!

  • Very bright and colourful design, makes your little ones noticeable to cars
  • Sturdy steel and plastic construction
  • Compact for easy storing
  • Recommended for 5 - 10 year olds due to its size and 2 wheel design
  • Great for teaching them to ♪Get Back Up Again♪.

TROLLS OTRO112 2 Wheeler Scooter

Very similar to the inline scooter above but made of aluminium (i before the u!) About a kilogram lighter and about as sturdy. All the features present in the scooter above but with a purple colour scheme but a little bit dearer. One complaint about the wheel lock not holding but seeing as it is just a material and colour difference of the first this may just be a one off complaint. Keep it in mind and always supervise your little ones when they're out.

  • Lovely purple design featuring some
  • Lightweight but tough aluminium and plastic construction
  • Compact for easy storing
  • Recommended for 5 - 10 year olds due to its size and 2 wheel design

TROLLS OTRO110 3 Wheeler Scooter

If you have a little one who isn't quite ready for an inline scooter or who isn't confident enough yet then the 3 wheeler is a much better, and safer option. This one doesn't look as if it can be folded away like the others. It is still mostly steel but with plastic handles which should last a little longer than the foam covered ones above (albeit less comfortable).

  • Bright pink and blue design makes it noticeable to cars
  • 3 wheelers are great for building up the confidence to cycle later in life
  • Adorable design
  • Manufacturer claims it is suitable for 36 months - 7 years

Perfect Partners

Scooter Safety

Always ensure your little ones are safe when out and about and remind them to bring their scooters back into your garden. We've heard our share of heartbreak over scooters left on the pavement one minute and gone the next.

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