Monday, 20 March 2017

The Wildebeest Playset

The Playset To End All Playsets

My last few blogs have been about Dunster house playsets, sandboxes, and dens so I'm sure you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon something that has all these things! The Plum Products Wildebeest Play Centre; a gargantuan playset that features everything but the kitchen sink!

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The Plum Products Wildebeest Play Centre

This playset is amazingly huge at 710 x 665 x 360 cm and can hold 10 children at once! This is perfect if you have lots of little ones or your little ones have lots of friends. Or if you have a big garden and want to spoil them!

The playset is centred around 3 towers; a 5 foot tower, 4 foot tower, and 3 foot tower. 2 slides, 2 sandbox enclosures, fabric panels to make an enclosed tent like den, a picnic table, 2 plastic steering wheels, a plastic telescope, a 2 seat glider (which looks like a suspended see saw) and a swing! The 5 foot tower's deck dimensions are: L1.50 x W1.50 x H1.50m. The 4 foot tower deck dimensions are: L1.20 x W1.20 x H1.20m and the 3 foot tower deck dimensions are : L1.00 x W1.00 x H0.90m.

The slides are 10 foot and 8 foot long!

The wood is FSC certified which means it conforms to international quality standards and is responsibly sourced! Each leg of the tower is constructed from 88 x 88 mm timber which should be more than strong enough for a group of little ones.

My favourite features in this amazing set have to be the little sandboxes and the tent beneath the main tower. These little touches give this set so much potential for play as older ones will have plenty of fun running around while younger ones can safely play below. Plus to make things better, they are covered by the towers to keep the majority of the rain off them. You will likely still need to cover them during bad weather.
This is the largest domestic set I've ever looked at and it does warn on the page that it will take quite some time to set up. Around 19 hours for 2 people according to the manufacturer, so make sure to clear your weekend for this one!
  • + Jam packed with features
  • + FSC certified!
  • + Guaranteed against rot or insect damage
  • + Strong enough for 10 children at a time
  • + Appropriate for 3+
  • + Bolt caps for safety
  • + Towers are covered with waterproof fabric (or wood)
  • + TWO sandpits!

Oh, and if the price worries you, you'll be pleased to know that Amazon actually offers a monthly pay scheme.

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