Monday, 13 March 2017

Wooden Wendy Houses - Woodn't You Love One?

Only The Biggest Will Do!

There are so many wendy houses available that it can be daunting to choose the right one. Especially if you want a large one. With the cost of some of these houses on the uncomfortable side of £500 you want to make sure you get the right one. Don't despair though, for today's post I've collected some of the best looking wooden wendy houses that are at least 7x5 feet!

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7x5 Honeypot Snowdrop Cottage Wooden Apex Playhouse

This one really caught my eye for a tiny reason; finger gapping. This has to be one of the smartest design decisions I've seen on a wendy house and yet so simple its amazing. All around the door is a finger sized gap to prevent any injuries. The windows are made of a shatterproof styrene and the cladding it smooth (so assumedly no nasty splinters!) Plus a ten year anti-rot guarantee which is necessary if you live in rainy Britain!

This is the smallest house on my list but I've picked it for its lovely two-ish storey design.

A little house like this is perfect for a small group of children as they can play together below or separately on both levels. Great for giving them their own space to draw, read, and play. On top of this, I personally believe that having their own space can help to teach them responsibility and independence.

  • Free UK delivery
  • Great focus on safety
  • Spacious but headroom may be lacking for older children
  • Meets EN71 safety standards
  • Sturdy with 10 year anti-rot guarantee

7x7 Wooden Dorma Playhouse

This one was an amazing find for me as my neighbour/friend had one when I was growing up and I always thought it was custom made like my "hut" was. Turns out her parents just had more money to spend and it was definitely worth it! From the age of 4 to 19 this home away from home stood strong. The windows never broke, the roof was sturdy enough to take several children performing ninja-raids, and as far as I'm aware there was never a spot of rot. The only part that was ever damaged was the railing but that was due to a rogue bicycle!

A house like this is best if you have a large group of little ones that may be a little too much to handle in the house. Some old carpet that can be replaced cheaply and some child sized furniture and it really does become their own home!

Same features as above: finger gapping around door, smooth planed cladding, shatterproof styrene windows, and a 10 year anti-rot guarantee. It does come flatpack and unpainted so you will need to assemble it yourself with the help of some friends or family and remember to treat it annually with a high quality timber preservative!

  • Two storeys means plenty of space while taking up less garden space
  • Upstairs windows don't open so no fear of falling
  • Long lived and durable structure
  • Unpainted means more freedom of design
  • Meets EN71 safety standards
  • Great for sleepovers!

10x8 - Mad Dash Annex Log Cabin

If you thought the house above looked spacious and fancy then prepare for the Bel Air mansion of playhouses. The Mad Dash Annex Log Cabin features two rooms and a second storey hide-away that looks perfect for your little one to spend a rainy day. This play-mansion comes with tons of space and could be the perfect base of operations for young adventurers. If your little one has a large group of friends an investment like this could provide years of good memories.
Like the other houses mentioned on this list it passes the EN71 safety standard and features planed cladding, styrene windows, but no finger gapping mentioned.

On top of the fun to be had inside, the cabin also features window boxes where your little ones can grow beautiful flowers (and learn some valuable gardening knowledge!)

Unfortunately for most of us a playhouse this expensive is way off the table and they don't deliver to Scotland, Ireland, or any offshore location. However if you are millionaire living in England looking for the perfect playhouse for your little one then:
  • Abundance of room for activities
  • Shutters and lack of finger gapping suggest warm inside
  • Meets EN71 safety standard
  • Comes unpainted and un-assembled which could be daunting for a playhouse this large.
  • Definitely the biggest playhouse I've seen so far
  • Probably as large as my first apartment!

DIY Unless You Can't

While the allure of building a playhouse for our little ones may be there for most of us it is important to remember that during construction some of these flatpack playhouses can be badly damaged. If you aren't entirely confident in your own DIY abilities, don't be afraid to ask for help. It is always better to get something done right and take a little knock to the pride than it is to let children loose in something that should be condemned!

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