Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Fun inflatable pool toys for children

Summer time, beach and pool splashing fun for kids!

Despite the British weather's ups and downs, playing in water is always fun for kids. So to add even more fun, we've looked for some super cute pool toys, including rafts, rings and more.

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DeceStar Inflatable Pineapple Pool Float, Inflatable Float Toy

Big enough for adults too, this juicy fruit of a pool raft is for kids with a wicked sense of humour. Great for pool parties at the local leisure centre, or on holiday to warmer climes, this lilo is big, at 190 by 140 cms but as it's inflatable, the shipping won't break the bank! Ooh, look, there are other colourful food themed rafts!

Food themed inflatable pool rafts

Intex - 56508EP - Pool Volleyball Game Set

Fun and games is what enjoying the pool was all about when I was a kid. When your children get tired of splashing each other, give them this to help teach water treading, increase co-ordination and foster healthy sporting attitudes!

Pool sports games

Mother and Baby Float Rings Inflatable

This co-swimmer is a brilliant idea for keeping you and your little bundle of joy together. Paddle your baby or toddler around while keeping the closest possible contact. It even has a tumbling balls toy. For the bigger baby or toddler, it is a great way to introduce some water confidence as they can kick and paddle with you.

Fun is great! Safe fun is even better!

We know we probably don't have to say, but always supervise children around water, even if there are inflatables, as these can tip over without warning and be especially careful on large bodies of water where wind, currents or boats can take over! Always follow manufacturer's instructions for inflation and general usage of pool toys. (Phew! Now the dismal warning stuff is over, get back to the fun!)

Have a great rest of the summer, short though it may be.

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