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Unicorn and rainbow themed playhouses and toys

unicorn themed children's play houses and toys

Unicorns and rainbows make the world go round

Everybody loves a unicorn. They seem to make the world sparkle a little more. They're found somewhere over the rainbow, their natural environment (and possibly food source). So here are a bunch of unicorn and rainbow themed things, including playhouses / play tents and toys and games to go inside!

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Unicorn playhouses, wendy tents, and decals

Having your own castle and enchanted forest is obviously great. But if you don't have those lying around, can I suggest the following as an alternative? Unicorn themed wendy houses are actually pretty rare, like the beasts themselves, so I've offered you a way to "cheat" and maybe unicornify a more generic product. ;)

Children's Pop Up Play Tent by Pop It Up

Designed like an enchanted forest with a unique printed play floor, this popup wendy tent by Pop It UP has a unicorn on its side, with woodland creatures all around. The printed floor gives little ones extra chance to exercise imagination as it has the forest floor, a stream, and so on which acts like a stage for their toys to have adventures. Perfect for little ones who love unicorns, fairies, and magic!
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3+ years. Not huge, max age for the size probably around 5.
  • Package Dimensions: 33cm x 32cm x 3cm
  • Product size: about 90cm in all dimensions. Would fit a toddler or two and their toys, but not a lot of kids.
  • Pops up for near instant pitching. A little more tricky to pack up.
  • Reviews have rated as a little flimsy, and it should not be left outside for long periods

Kiddiewinkles Princess Castle & Unicorn Playhouse, Large - Personalised

This pretty in pink castle with unicorn detail is hand finished, and can be personalised with your little one's own name embroidered on. It's called a play house, but as its sides are fabric, it could also fit under "play tent", I suppose.
  • Product Dimensions: 134cm x 110cm x 165cm
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 2+ months
  • Cotton fabric walls, embroidered detailing, metal frame
  • Shipping Weight: 6 kg
  • 10 minutes assembly time listed
  • No reviews as yet
  • British company
  • I wouldn't leave it outside in the rain!

How to give your wendy house a unicorn boost

As I mentioned earlier, unicorn themed wendy houses are rare, and the ones above are probably not greatly suitable for outdoor play. So what can we do? We cheat! If you have a generic playhouse or wendy house that you'd like to jazz up with some unicorn or rainbow stickers, here are a few ideas for you! Please check the decals would be suitable for the size/surface you have.

(Clicking through on any of the links will allow you to see the full range, too.)

Unicorn and Rainbow Toys and Games

This mini selection from the almighty Amazon is just the tip of the unicorn-themed iceberg available on that platform. If you are looking for a specific unicorn themed gift for an upcoming present, check here for their entire selection of unicorn toys, crafts, games and dressing-up for kids.

Knitted, crochet, amigurumi Unicorn stuffed toys

Handmade soft toy unicorns by some skilled people. In case you are confused, amigurumi is a particular kind of crochet that originated in Japan, specifically for making toys. They are so cute! Anyone skilled enough to make a toy with a pair of hooks is someone I admire. There are also knitted versions, and all sellers are UK based, saving you on postage (unless you are a US visitor, in which case, try here for US based sellers of handmade unicorn toys!)

Hope you have been inspired by my little list! As a kid, I had a huge pegacorn (a pegasus with a unicorn horn) poster on my wall. It helped make my room more magical, and as a parent, the best you can hope for your little ones is that they get their own little bit of magic. :)

Is your child gaga for unicorns too? Please let me know what their favourite unicorn themed toy is by commenting below!


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