Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Wendy House Interiors Inspiration, part 2

More things to put inside playhouses for your children

There was so much I wanted to put in the first post about what to put inside your wendy house, that I had to do this part 2!

Keeping the wendy house interior cute, cuddly, and safe means adding a few extra touches, not to mention some toys and games as well. Check out the list that I spent hours scouring the web for and grab some awesome bargains!

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I'm taking some inspiration from these two pins, with so many bright colours and fun stuff to play with!


I love the philosophy behind these interior pics, that there should be plenty of places to stash and store toys and games, and that there should be softness in rugs and curtains and so on. I appreciate some wendy houses are just too small for all this stuff, but if you can fit it in, why not? If you want your kid to invest time in outdoor play, it makes sense to make their playhouse a great place to hide away from boring grown up stuff.

Jolly Bunting!

Deck out your child's wendy house with bunting inside or out. (Check for weatherproofness, naturally.) There's nothing more festive than pretty bunting. There are also plenty of "boyish" colours and designs out there, if your little one prefers it.

Signs and posters personalised for your little one

Marking out a special place for themselves is important in certain phases of a child's development. Saying "this is my space" is one of the whole things about having a wendy house.

Curtains and hangings

Putting up all curtains can be a fun and softening addition to the interior of a wendy house. They don't have to be completely feminine either! There is something for everyone to hang inside. Here are just my favourites. Click through for more!

Comfy cushions

Doubling as seating, these fun cushions add comfort and a lot of character.

The animal dressing up box

Pretending to be your favourite character is so much fun when you're growing up. These masks and costumes are great for little kids who haven't completely bought into the superheroes thing yet. Wildly fun!

Rugs for wendy house floors

If you've got a floor inside your wendy house, it might be a little rough for kids knees, so a rug is just an extra way to make it better. The plushier the better. You know that kids don't just sit on chairs, they love to play on the floor, so let's make it welcoming!

The end...?

As usual, I'm left with so many other ideas for what could go into a wendy house. Like chalkboards, felt shapes, and decals. But there is always another day and another post, I guess!

What would you put in your little one's playhouse to make it cosy and cute? Please let me know in the comments. All feedback appreciated!

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