Friday, 4 August 2017

What goes inside your wendy house? Kids' toys & furniture

Play house interior toys and furniture - a curated list of the best

Here are some easy (and pretty affordable) ideas to make your little one's wendy house a place they'll remember for the rest of their life.

(Affiliate linking in this post - what does this mean?) Please always check that toys and games are suitable for your child's age range.

Softly, softly

Lovely soft things for inside the playhouse. No sharp edges here!

Cotton Dinosaur Bean Bag Arm Chair with Beans

This cute dinosaur beanbag lounger is just squee! I imagine my little ones only fighting over who gets to sit in it next (answer, get two). For kids who like to lounge, maybe read, this could be just the thing. Washable cover, height 45 cm x depth 45 cm x width 50 cm, tied closed zip safety feature. Seat inner 25 cm deep x 25 cm long. FYI!!! Some customers have said it was a bit "overstuffed", so you might need to remove some of the beans for a comfy seat. Ensure age appropriate use of bean chairs as inhalation of beans may be dangerous.

More softness

A warm, safe glow

Safe, cute battery powered lighting so they feel safe and can maybe read. In Britain, the sun doesn't always shine so much, so a little lighting could go a long way, even in day time!

Shayson Battery Operated Indoor Decoration Fairy Lights

Battery powered LED fairy lights to add some sparkle. You'll need to purchase batteries separately, but these will send light into the darkest corners and make your little ones feel like magic! The manufacturer says indoors, but since they're battery, they could go inside a weatherproof wendy house, I guess. 40 Led stars fairy lights with 6M lead cable, runs on 3 AAA batteries. Ensure battery safety for younger kids.

Other play house battery lighting options

Tea Party and Toy Kitchenware Sets

Even if it's just for the stuffed bears and Barbie Dolls, we love a good tea party! But things have got a bit more sophisticated these days. So your little ones can enjoy a huge range of toy kitchen appliances, as well as the traditional teapots, cups, and saucers.

Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

A kettle, coffee maker, toaster, cups, plates and cutlery set that wouldn't look out of place in my kitchen, except for its size. Chic styling and can put (cold) water in the bits to make pretend tea and coffee. Comes with two slices of "toast", which will go into toaster and pop back up after about a minute's timer. Be aware that only toast included, not other playfood pictured! (Ages 3 and up)

More tea, Vicar?

Tables and chairs

Not all wendy houses are going to be big enough to fit seating in, but see below for other options if not.

Set of 5 Colours Stackable Kids Children Plastic Chairs

Colourful, stackable group of five chairs, great for if your little one has a lot of siblings or friends who want to enjoy the fun! Take up to 60kg and are 31cm wide x 47cm high (seat 25cm high) x 36cm deep.

Goes well with...

Toybox and treasure chests


Arrgh, me matey! Every kid wants somewhere to store their treasure! This wooden and brightly coloured toybox treasure chest is pirate themed. Reviews state that is slightly greener than it might look in the photos, but be that as it may, I think I heart it a lot. Sized at 62.5 cm x 40 cm x 34.5 cm it probably has enough room for most toys, but might be a bit much to manouever into smaller play houses.

Other options for the less piratically inclined

This is only a fraction of the ideas I had. Maybe I'll do a follow up post soon, keep your eyes peeled for more inspiration!

Maybe this is wendy house controversy, but...

There is a temptation to go "all-out reproduction" of an adult house. Check these Pinterest pins:


These are definitely immaculate, but for me, therein lies the problem. I think it emulates "grown up" life too much. They'll have their own homes and families soon enough, why not allow a little imagination space (not to mention space to go outside traditional gender stereotypes)? There's a point, in my opinion, where it stops being about play and starts being a kind of vocational training.

But maybe you think differently? Maybe your kids do? Let me know in the comments.

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